Trust your ‘Gut Feeling’:

Do you avoid getting dirty? Are you the one who will always play it safe? If yes, this isn’t the place for you! This is that one place where the adrenaline junkies who thrive on intense experiences have a time of their life! This is a challenge which they would relish! #TheMudRush

Brains beat the brawn:

If you think your long gym sessions, your religious participation in the marathons and your staunch diet plans will work wonders for you at #TheMudRush, you are mistaken my friend! #TheMudRush obstacles are designed to push you to your mental & emotional limits. Are you ready?

Train, train & train:

The best thing about TheMudRush is that no matter how much you train, the run will always manage to surprise you with its innovative obstacles and the changes in the terrain! To put it simply, you just can’t stop training for #TheMudRush

Teamwork is the key:

Teamwork blossoms the best at #TheMudRush. The whole run is woven so beautifully, that you won’t have an option but to make a few friends right on the track. Not to forget that the Teamwork is the heart of #TheMudRush ethos, so choose your teammates wisely.

Don’t compete:

You don’t have to dash to the finish line. You don’t have to struggle and put everyone behind you. It is not a competition. It is a challenge! It is a place to have fun. So don’t worry about anything else. Just have a blast!

Listen to your body:

Now this is serious! You are allowed to take your time to complete the run. Nobody is going to look down upon you. You just have to listen to your body. You can skip an obstacle without penalty and most importantly without any shame! Don’t get too hung up if you’re unable to do something—just move on, because the next part would be more fun!

Dress properly:

You don’t have to wear a safety gear or any kind of harness to keep you safe. You just have to wear something normal. This is a run. Wear normal running shoes (no cleats or studs as some call them) and lightweight, tight-fitting clothing. Avoid jackets, waist pouches and slings because you would be pulled out of the line and sent back to keep them in your bag. Simple!

Have fun:

It is a challenge with humorous twists, challenging obstacles and loads of fun. We want you to be happy, cheerful and smiling. You have enough reasons to be glum when you are at home or at work. But here at #TheMudRush, you have to get dirty, run, jump in the air, scream, laugh and enjoy the whole run! Source Code.