We, at the Mud Rush, have created the following rule book and have named it 'The Bible'. Since safely having fun is the most important aspect of The Mud Rush, The Bible has been designed with our participants’ convenience and safety in mind.

Apart from listing the dos and the don'ts, The Bible also includes ways in which our participants can prepare for the muddy extravaganza, covering clothing requirements, timings, warm up zones, baggage check in/out, Wash n Change stations and more.

We recommend all our participants to read through these important points carefully, before the day of the event:

  1. Though we expect you to chill and loosen up as the Mud Run is designed for your amusement, you must be ever-ready to lend a helping hand if a fellow runner has rolled himself too hard in the mud.
  2. Though we want "The Mud Rush" to be a memorable experience for you, we don’t want alcohol to ruin the day in any way.
    We maintain the following rules with utmost strictness:
    • No drinking and driving
    • No contraband items in the muddy arena
    • Absolute NO for drugs
    • No illegal activity against the spirit of the sport
    • Consumption of Alcohol is permitted only in the designated area during the Sundowner Party and not in general public areas of the water park premises.
    Our security team and staff members will keep an eye on all runners and those found violating these rules will be disqualified and asked to leave the arena immediately.
  3. We want the beautiful and scenic venue to remember us for our enthusiasm and not for the garbage that we leave behind. Hence, we have a strict policy against littering and damaging the environment. Also, urinating at places other than the designated restrooms is prohibited.
  4. To ensure that the event is comfortable and that you do not get lost, we have several signs put up all over the venue. Drinking water and medical facilities will be made available at regular intervals along the track.
  5. Prepare for a day in the beautiful outdoors. We advise you to apply waterproof sunscreen and insect repellent (i.e. Odomos, Good Night) wherever the skin isn’t covered to avoid mosquito bites and skin damage from the sun.
  6. There is no fixed dress code for The Mud Rush. However, we expect you to come in colourful, visually appealing clothes to help make the event look spectacular! The clothes should be comfortable enough to run in, preferably quick-dry fabrics, to avoid any accidents or injuries. Also, good footwear is a must. If you are planning to wear new footwear, wear it for a few days before the event to avoid blisters, shoe bites and other issues on the day of the event.
  7. The Wash-n-Change facilities will be available for you and your fellow runners’ convenience. We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping them neat and tidy by making sure you wash off the extra mud from your clothes and shoes before entering the shower cubicles to prevent the drains in the shower cubicles from getting clogged.
  8. We have adequate lockers to secure your belongings with baggage handlers looking after them while you enjoy the run. Ensure that you lock all your things safely in the lockers provided, before you leave the locker room. Also, please ensure that you do not lose or misplace your baggage token at all costs.
  9. The warm-up exercises are important before starting the run. They are designed to help loosen up your muscles before the run begins. While doing them, please follow the instructions given to avoid injuries such as muscle pulls, sudden catches, back aches and other issues later on.
  10. We know, becoming over-adventurous and going off track can be fun, but not at The Mud Rush. For your safety, you must follow the rules that our team has decided and remain on the designated track.
  11. The Mud Rush has fun and distinct obstacles which include fire, ice and haystacks. If you aren’t comfortable with one, you can always skip it! (Not applicable to those doing the Pro race).
  12. Last but not the least, if you feel unwell or fatigued for any reason during the run, take a break and rest. Remember that it is a “run” and not a “race” – everyone is a winner (not applicable for Pro race participants). Your body is different from the rest of the runners’ – so listen to it if it tells you to stop. Take breaks and drink water as much as you need to. If you aren’t well and cannot complete the track, you can inform one of our safety cadres present at each obstacle to immediately get you medical assistance.

Thank you – We look forward to you at The Mud Rush!!!