The Mud Rush is meant for adventure-loving junkies who are stirred by only the highest quality of sporting events. The run, conceptualized by Sheer Management is designed to get feet pounding and hearts racing. Every year we introduce something new, keeping in mind the available venue & terrain.

After 4 successful editions, this year we present 2 variants for our participants:

The Dream Run
The Dream run is the traditional Mud Run our patrons have grown to love and look forward to. It is a 7 km run that will take you through water, mud pits, barrels, hay bales, fire pits etc. It will not only drag you out of your daily comfort zone but will test your strength, stamina and mental abilities.

Since it is a run you will not be racing to reach the finish line but will find yourself working on each obstacle with your new found friends on the mud track, each one helping the other to finish the task at hand. At the finish line you will discover and feel a sense of camaraderie and achievement through teamwork like never before.

The Pro Race
In the last edition we launched the competitive category which saw participants overcoming the obstacles in record time to dash to the finish line and win big prizes.

The Pro race is a mud race aimed at satisfying the cravings of the competitive spirit – spread over 10 kms and as many obstacles as the Dream run this one will surely have its participants racing to the finish line burnt out but glorious.

The Pro Race is designed to help you shed all your inhibitions and challenge yourself physically and mentally to overcome the obstacles but at the same time reserving your stamina to run the 10 km course. At the end you will discover a new self merging out of the old having conquered the Pro Race. It will not only be a race against time but a race against fellow participants and moreover a challenge to your undying spirit of adventure which will guarantee an adrenaline rush you have never felt before.
The winners and the runners up will receive glorious rewards for their achievements. The other participants will also be rewarded with goodie bags for their efforts.