This year The Mud Rush returns to Dudhani Lake in Silvassa, after a break of 2 years. Regular Mud Rushers will reiterate the fact that Dudhani lake is Mud Rush haven. The track, the obstacles, the venue coupled up with the rich fertile mud & the lake makes Dudhani the perfect Mud Rushing venue.

Dudhani Lake is a nature lovers paradise. The rich soil, the clear skies, the still waters surrounded by lush green vegetation makes it a nature lovers dream come true. Situated just outside Mumbai & Surat, it is the most visited place in Silvassa.

Dudhani lake feels like natures ultimate broadcastings station, where the winds call out to you, the birds speak to you and the calm of the lake takes away all your tensions and renews your spirit.

Come home to The Mud Rush at Dudhani lake this year to recharge and renew yourself.