The track length is 5km. The actual time taken will depend upon your speed. The run is not about finishing first, it is about completing it by overcoming all the obstacles.

No special training is required for the event. All you need to do is walk, crawl and climb. Use all your strength and sheer grit. This is the only recipe to success in mud rush!

You do "The Mud Rush" to:

  • For the exciting challenge
  • To spend some memorable time with your friends
  • For the memories it will create

The reasons are many, but the most important one is to have some unforgettable fun.

Yes, since there are chances of bruises and scratches, all participating members are required to be over 6 years of age.

We suggest participants to wear clothes, which will allow them to comfortably move around during the run and will not lead to any accidents or injuries. Quick dry fabrics are always advisable. Good footwear is a must.

We encourage you to wear the most creative and funky clothes you can muddily manage. However, for safety purposes, we suggest all of you wear old sneakers or boots that will be comfortable for running and messing up.

The Mud run as the tile goes is a run and not a race, it is designed for everybody who wants to come and have a gala time with friends and family. The Pro Race is a Race which is time bound and is designed for serious competitors who want to time themselves and compete with other like minded runners.

Yes, spectator passes are available for sale. We will try to keep as many viewing points as possible so they don't miss a moment.

1. Like us on Facebook page. This will let everyone that you're one bad Mudder Rusher.
2. Join our twitter gang and tweet your heart out to our handle @themudrush

Spectator-only tickets are available on our Website – with our ticketing partner As a spectator, you will have constant live entertainment available throughout the day. The title of Mud Rusher will however remain restricted only to those who take part in the event.

All Mud Rushers are requested to come with ample time prior to the run/race as you will need time to park, stretch, warm up, and maybe get a quick bite before you embark on your adventure of the year. Leave early and avoid traffic. It is mandatory for all participants to arrive at least 1 hour prior to the event to deal with box office registration and your arrangement in the holding area. All participants are to arrive at the venue no later than 12PM.

Good question! Please see our checklist in our Bible so that you don't miss out on anything. Basic requirements include a towel, a change of clothes, socks, shoes, and your wallet to purchase food and beverages. A cleaning zone and an enclosed changing room will be provided for all participants.

Being a Mud Rusher is uber cool. Along with your participation to the Run / Sundowner party, you will receive a running bib and sponsor's offer (if any) at Start/Finish Line to load up on your energy levels and medal at the finish line and an experience of lifetime.

The people who came up with this event wouldn't have done The Mud Rush if it wasn't for the experience zone (TMR Nation). Think live cover bands, kick ass music, cold mocktails, awesome food, constant prizes and flowing entertainment.

Just bring a large enough bag and dump your dirty clothes, accessories and other material into it. Further details are mentioned in the Pre-Run Documents/Bible.

Safety is our utmost priority. We have taken all precautions to ensure every participant has a safe run and takes home nothing but great memories from the event. However given the nature of the run and individual running style, in case of any untoward instances we have medical booths setup all over the course with safety personal deputed at each obstacle. We also have 4x4 vehicles on standby along with ambulances in case of emergencies.

It is mandatory that all participants running in the Pro Race / Mud Run must complete their waiver manually and submit them at the registration desk. Copy of the Terms & Conditions and Waiver can be downloaded. The waiver will be offered to you in our terms and conditions during your ticket registration page on either or you disagree then you will not be asked to pay. But, you'll lose out on an experience of a lifetime.

Then your dreams have come true. Come on! The Mud Rush is not about staying clean and dry! Rain or shine, The Mud Rush is happening. So, let's go and say "bring it on"!

Yes, we will be providing you an baggage counter to keep your belongings which will be open till 6pm.

Yup, we will have plenty of water stations throughout the course. They will be marked prior on the map interface. Please plan to re-hydrate throughout your day!

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If you are 18 years and above then The Mud Rush offers you a chance to be a part of its team.
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Happy Mud Rushing!!!